'Above' by Mark Booth (US) and Michael Grave

12.30-1pm Wednesday 16th May 2012
Westwood Place (near Parliament station) Melbourne

RSVP by Monday 14th April: brucemowson@gmail.com
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Lunchtime Fissures

 A free series held on Wednesday lunchtimes where works are represented or reconfigured for a small audience.

18|4 Eamon Sprod

2|5 Michael Graeve and Mark Booth 1

16|5 Michael Graeve and Mark Booth 2

30|5 Briony Barr

13|6 Ashley Woodward

27|6 Elliot Howard

11|7 Ceri Hann

25|7 Plastique Fantastique

8|8 Bruce Mowson


For information and reservations, contact:

brucemowson (at) gmail (dot) com

A Transcendental Fissure in the Immanent Fabric of Things...


Once upon a time I spent three months walking about a small part of a foreign city. I took variations on daily routes, until the tricky maze of Grazia became familiar. I trod these streets to get out of the studio, where I was meant to be making art. It was only in retrospect that this structure rectified as a project – bringing the art from inside the studio to the streets outside, and bringing the streets in the art.

The artists I have invited to this project have different backgrounds: some work in the street already, others are usually in  a gallery. They have generously taken up the challenge I set them, and their works are starting points for ways of using the city, taking the nascent chaos and patterns of buildings, people, time and ideas in the grid, and adding rules, a way through, a line with which to walk with.

The works are in the form of instructions that you work with. Take care, as you are at your own risk! Our process of creation will be happily extended if you do the work and document it, sending us a link through the address below.

Bruce Mowson 2012

Featuring: Ashley Woodward, Briony Barr, Bruce Mowson, Ceri Hann, Eamon Sprod, Elliot Howard, Michael Graeve and Mark Booth (US), Plastique Fantastique (globally transcendent).

Produced by Bruce Mowson, with great thanks to Lynn Thomson, Wolfgang and Ben Mowson, Pip Vietz, Candy Mitchell, Mim Patience, Maria Coumi, Natalie James, Gladys Ng, Sophie Reid and David Young. This project was initiated with funding from the City of Melbourne.

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Artist information and Documentation

Ashley Woodward

Transcendental Fissure in the Immanent Fabric of Things

Ashley Woodward

How are our fields of experience organised, and how can art intervene to problematise and pose questions about how our senses organise the world? What organises the world as a apparent given, and from whence does the art of creation – the minimal troubling and movement necessary to awaken an urge to create something new – arise? IMMANENCE and TRANSCENDENCE, two old and polyvalent concepts, are selected from the history of philosophy to pose these questions...Download essay

Briony Barr

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Bruce Mowson

Blind Walk 4 + 7 (Manchester/Howie)

26th November, 2011


Ceri Hann

The Interventionists Guide to Melbourne

Eamon Sprod


Elliot Howard

Michael Graeve and Mark Booth (US)

Plastique Fantastique (globally transcendent).