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Flesh Lumps

Why Listen To Animals? The possibilities of meaning when we listen to animals and they listen to us West Space Level 1/225 Bourke St, Melbourne Wheelchair Accessible This experimental project by Liquid Architecture reframes English writer and artist John Berger’s classic 1980 essay ‘Why Look at Animals?’ through the prism of sound and listening. We […]

Sonic Meditations

LIQUID ARCHITECTURE PRESENTS: Polyphonic Social: your voice in my head (and mine in yours) Polyphonics have much artistic and social potential: to make difference audible, to ‘sound’ disobedience, choreograph dissonance, and explore the harmonies possible when we bring voices together (and apart) in a shared space. SAT 13 May – SUN 14 May 2017 Abbotsford […]

Adventures in Sightlessness: Quadrant Walk

One on one participatory artwork Approximately 20 minutes duration around Quadrant Mall, Launceston, Australia 2 – 6 September, 2015 Commissioned and presented by the Junction Arts Festival   Overview Each participant walks through the route with a guide who offers them some hints about walking without seeing and gives them protective gloves and shin pads. […]

The Swing

Timber, marine hardware, rope, water container, fabric 2008 Embassy for Water, curated by Dr Julie Bacon, Ivan Doherty Gallery, Sydney, 2015 West Space, Melbourne

Pink Balls

Pink Balls site specific video installation K9, Gronningen, The Netherlands, 2012 West Space, Melbourne, 2004  

The Shower

The Shower Pia Ednie-Brown and Bruce Mowson (with Tim Schork, Jono Podborsek, Jane Caught and Jon Racek) 1400 x 3000 x 1400 latex, cotton, perspex, felt, rubber, timber, fan, amplifier, speakers, halogen lights, steel wire and fixings. Exhibitions: Hatched, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, 2005. Job Lot #59, Project Space, RMIT, Victoria, 2004 (Curated by […]